Custom Creations

Are you baking up the perfect gift idea, but need a little help whipping it up?  The Curious Cake Shoppe would be thrilled to help you bring your ideas to life! Pick a theme, color, fabric, or concept and let us cook up the ultimate creative gift!

Custom Cakes

Custom diaper cakes come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want your cake Made From Scratch, or you saw something in the store that you have to have... we are happy to incorporate your ideas in any way that we can!

Giving a gift to someone who has a registry? Send us the information and let us make sure your cake is baked with their favorite ingredients. Thinking about a fabric that you just can't find? Read on to learn more about icing your cake with a custom Gift Set.

Custom Gift Sets

Gift Sets were born in the pursuit of taking Diaper Cake customization to a whole new level. Blankets, washcloths, etc... used to be the icing on the cake, but sometimes the icing is the best part! So, why not cheat and go straight to the good stuff?

Gift Sets open the door to an endless variety of fabrics, designs, colors, and patterns that you just cannot get in the store. Trying to match a theme? Gift Sets are a great way to take a unique gift and infuse it with your own personal style.

Want something truly customized? Let us make a personalized fabric just for you! Custom fabrics have a longer bake time, but the result is something they'll cherish forever. These are currently only available in 100% Combed Cotton.

Ready to swap receipes? Email us today at to discuss your custom order!