Diaper Cakes

Our diaper cakes are made with meticulous care and attention so that each part can be disassembled and used for the new baby. All the cakes start with a base of hand rolled diapers that can be unwrapped and used immediately. Everything else is about "icing the cake!" Don't let your eyes fool you though, many of the most delicious cakes have fillings that you cant see until you dive in!

Made From Scratch Diaper Cakes feature gift sets that are handmade just for the occasion! These cakes can be purchased from the "Made From Scratch" section, or can be requested from any set featured under "Gift Sets" for an additional cost.

Custom Cake Orders are more than welcome! Pick your theme, pick your accessories, pick your colors... You can be as involved as you would like! Visit the Custom Orders page to learn more about designing your own gift!

What does all this mean? It means that your diaper cake can be as unique as you are!